Services We Offer

Flat Panel Installation - (View Gallery)

We can install on most any surface material.  One of our specialists will do a free on-site consultation to evaluate your location preference.  He/She will inform you of any challenges and make suggestions to solve that challenge.  He/She will also make recommendations that they see will improve your experience.


All flat panels purchased from A/V Solutions will receive certain installation discounts and video calibration for free (a $250 value).


Cable Concealment - (View Gallery)

We don't believe you can call yourself a custom company while installing equipment leaving wires showing.  We believe a professional installation means installing product to look as if it came with the home (as much as possible).

In some cases, we may have to use surface products, but we will do what we can to make it blend into the room environment.  Remember...we are perfectionists.


Audio/Video Systems - (View Gallery)

Whatever your budget, we will design a system to meet your needs.  One of the things we try to educate our customers on is the need to think ahead when deciding on equipment.  It is real easy to fall into the "Save a few dollars here" trap offered many times from big box stores or online.  While we appreciate that everyone wants to save money, it always saddens me when a customer decides to go that route only to find that a year later, or sooner, that piece of equipment is no longer compatible with newer devices.  We strive not just to sell you a product, but to insure it will serve you for years after the sale.


Multi-Room Audio - (View Gallery)

Multi-Room Audio has become popular again with the advent of iPod's, MP3 players and the like.  We have many solutions to accomplish this that range from a basic volume control system, to fully intuitive keypad systems that allow full control from room to room.


Outdoor Systems - (View Gallery)

To bring your indoor experience outdoors, we can design and install an array of options. For sound, we can show you an assortment of speaker options such as wall speakers, landscape speakers, as well as ornamental speakers. For your video needs, we can now provide options for outdoor weatherproof TV's. Finally to light up your path, we can design and install low-voltage landscape lighting


Home Theater - (View Gallery)

If you have the designated room, we will work with you to come up with a design that fits your personality.  We will provide the expertise...You bring the imagination.


New Construction/Remodel - (View Gallery)

If you are building a home, this is still the best time to think about what type systems you may want in your home.  A well planned structured wire will save you costs and aggravation later when you find that new data device, video component or audio component you would like to install.  We can also wire for intercom systems, camera/LCD monitor systems, as well as lighting control.


Builder packages are also available.


Commercial - (View Gallery)

If you have any venue needing monitors, projectors, sound, data/voice cabling, VOIP systems, etc., we can accommodate.  We have even served in the reconnection and setup of equipment in offices changing locations.


Control Systems - (View Gallery)

To give you ease of use of all your components, we offer a variety of programmable universal remote controls.  These remotes are capable of controlling most all functions of your audio/video devices.  They are professionally programmed and catered to your lifestyle.  If you don't need a remote control, but would like the ability to control your devices behind doors or from another room, we can also install stand-alone IR Systems.  Finally, as the nation moves closer to living "Green", one of the best ways to save energy, as well as, create different moods in a home is through the installation of lighting controlled systems.  We have systems that will support one room or whole house control.